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Why stock your pond or lake with Tilapia?

Everyone who has gone fishing has experienced the disappointment of not catching a dang thing. Why not improve your odds? If you stock your waters with the right amount of tilapia and feed them, you will soon be catching instead of just fishing!

Because they multiply and grow so fast, tilapia have been used for years as forage fish to help anglers grow bigger Bass in private waters. They are also fun to catch and delicious to eat! Stock your waters with tilapia in the springtime when water temperature is 68 degrees or more. We recommend a minimum of 15 pounds per surface acre. If you choose to put more, you will have more to catch and more to eat.

Tilapia have one of the best feed-to-growth rates of any creature on earth. When water temperatures are 70 degrees, they will start to devour feed as well as eat algae, duckweed, and other aquatic vegetation. Feed them several times a day with fish feed from your local feed store. We recommend an automated feeder so they will get on a schedule of eating every day. When they have enough feed in the water, it takes them 15 minutes or so to consume all the feed. Soon they will soon be on schedule and waiting at the feeder for the timer to go off.

Now the fun begins!

Get an artificial lure that mimics the feed. There are bait companies with several excellent products.  You can also cut plastic worms of the same color and size as the feed. Any fishing pole will work. Fly rods are a blast! It is amazing how prolific and how fast tilapia grow. Tilapia will start reproducing quickly and the offspring will start reproducing as soon as six weeks. It is possible to have up to two pounds of growth per fish from April till November.

More About Tilapia

Tilapia have a mild flavor and are great any way you want to cook them. Do you have a favorite crab cake recipe? Try making it with tilapia. Delicious!

When water temperatures in your pond or lake start to sink below 70 degrees, your tilapia will slow down in movement and appetite. This is excellent for Bass because the Bass can catch and eat the tilapia more easily, giving them extra weight and nutrition for the winter. Tilapia will start to die when water temperatures are 55 degrees and below. The tilapia that are not eaten by the bass are consumed by birds. Many people have witnessed bald eagles hunting and eating the tilapia and even building their nest nearby their lakes and ponds where tilapia are found.

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