Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many do I need to buy for pond management?

Recommended stocking density is 12-15 pounds per surface acre of your pond or lake.  Find more information on our pond management page.

How much are the tilapia per pound?

For live fish, our prices are: $15 per 1 -29 lbs • $13 per lb 30 – 99 lbs • $12 per lb 100 – 199 lbs • $11 per lb 200 – 299 lbs • $10 per lb 300 or more

How do the tilapia help me manage my lake or pond?

Live Mozambique Tilapia control your algae and duckweed and grow your bass to trophy size.

Can I buy fresh tilapia for my restaurant from East Texas Tilapia?

Yes! East Texas Tilapia will provide fresh, farm-raised tilapia to your restaurant. Please call for details on delivery.

What kind of tilapia do you grow?

We have our own genetic stock and are licensed to produce two strains of tilapia, both approved by Texas Parks and Wildlife: one for lake or pond management, the other for sale of live tilapia to restaurants and fish markets.

How are the tilapia grown?

We have our own nursery, allowing us complete control and management of tilapia from egg to final product for both forage and the food market.

What do you feed tilapia?

East Texas Tilapia uses a specially formulated feed grown and produced in the USA.

Where do you grow the tilapia?

Our state of the art aquaculture system uses solar and wood heat to maintain the proper water temperature required to grow healthy, natural tilapia. We grow Tilapia in over half a million gallons of water with a recirculating aquaculture system. We minimize our environmental impact by filtering and recirculating local well water in a specially designed, closed system. Well water is recirculated through a patented biological bead filter.