east texas tilapia

Genetic Stock

About East Texas Tilapia – We have our own genetic stock and are licensed to produce two strains of tilapia, both approved by Texas Parks and Wildlife: one for pond management, the other for sale of live tilapia to restaurants and fish markets.

Our Nursery

About our Nursery – We have our own nursery, allowing us complete control and management of tilapia from egg to final product for both forage and the food market.

East Texas Tilapia uses a specially formulated feed grown and produced in the USA.

Our Facilities

About our Facilities – Our state of the art aquaculture system uses solar and wood heat to maintain the proper water temperature required to grow healthy, natural tilapia. We grow Tilapia in over half a million gallons of water with a recirculating aquaculture system.

We minimize our environmental impact by filtering and recirculating local well water in a specially designed, closed system. Well water is recirculated through a patented biological bead filter.

Fish at every stage of development are free of hormones, heavy metals, and chemical or biological contaminants.

Our Services